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March 16 Vallejo A&E Source: Bottom of the Fifth

Published Wednesday March 15

People love the burgers, the tacos, the sandwiches, everything, really, but if you’re someone…

Bottom of the fifth in Benicia is more than just a sports bar … it’s a grill! It’s a place to get away, watch the game, and get absolutely wasted. And by wasted I mean have a lovely drink or two.

This place has become a real staple to Benicia’s history. It’s actually Benicia’s oldest bar! So if you see any other bars making that claim, maybe we’ll see the most literal bar fight in history! … apologies for that one.

Full of character inside and out, from the old-fashioned … farmhouse? Church house? It’s an intriguing building. I don’t know architecture, but you can’t miss this place.

Hey, that’s a great idea! Enjoy your community, enjoy your lives! Or don’t and go watch the news.

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